Gifting Performance and Reliability

Gifting Performance and Reliability

Evolving from earlier 3.8 and 4.2 models, the Series 3 was something totally different. Fitted with Jaguar’s legendary 5.3L V12 that did much more than restore the performance and design of the slowly aging British sports car. Part of the Series 3 production, the E-type saw the end of the ‘Fixed-Head Coupe’ and the introduction of the 2+2 E-type, opening up the E-type’s appeal to the US growing grand tourer market.

Arriving at E-Type UK as a somewhat tatty example, the owner of this Series 3 2+2 decided to treat the E-type to a complete overhaul, seeing the true potential of these British 70’s icons, the V12 was to be gifted with countless desirable performance and reliability upgrades along the way.

Establishing the project

Since the example arrived at the workshop under its own steam, unlike most of the pusher restoration examples passing through the doors, this Series 3 offered reassurance of a solid base to establish the project from. Following a closer inspection by our experienced bodywork technicians, this assumption was reinforced, therefore the decision was made to simply exterior strip the example back to bare metal.

With media blasting not required for this particular project, the Series 3 2+2 headed straight into the Bodyshop after having all necessary interior/exterior components removed, leaving a running shell. The team began the lengthy process of removing the existing Old English White and other underlining material from the shell, finally exposing the metalwork.

Much to the surprise of the bodywork team, the Series 3 revealed few areas of corrosion in comparison to other on-going projects, therefore requiring replacement of rotting rear arches, radius arms mounts, and outer sills. With these areas now addressed and put right, the shell completes its first milestone, ready to begin the next stage – paintwork.


Each E-Type UK restoration project is subjected to a high level of bodywork, ensuring each example is presented with the finest bodylines and gaps. With these crucial elements restored, the shell and panels enter through several cycle of primer, hardening and rub down. This phase creates the ideal surface for that all-important finish to be applied to. Now ready for paint, the E-type is given a round of colour to the cabin and underneath, once done, these areas of masked up and the first solid coat of Jaguar Old English White is applied. Following a further 3 more coats of solid colour and then 2 rounds of high-quality lacquer, the shell is left to bake.

Boasting a heritage and period-correct finish, the E-type is then subjected to over 60 hours of machine polishing, this stage of the process ensures the highest level of depth and quality from the newly applied surface.


The specification | Part 1

Finally resembling the Jaguar E-type shape, boasting a better than factory-fresh finish, the shell is given to the workshop team to begin its full rebuild process. It's at this time the client is given the opportunity to complete their restoration to their exact specification, making important decisions with regards to the drivetrain, cooling, suspension, braking and much more. Guiding the client on a specification that best meets their driving and use requirements, the build spec is decided. The following upgrades were to be fitted to gift this Series 3 V12 with performance and reliability:

  • Electronic Fuel-injected 5.3l V12
  • 5-speed gearbox
  • Sports cooling with aluminium radiator, header tank and larger cooling fans
  • Stainless steel exhaust system with tubular manifolds
  • Adjustable suspension front and rear
  • Uprated braking to include 4 piston brakes, vented discs and sports brake pads
  • Upgraded torsion bars and anti-roll bar
  • Air conditioning

With the target set the restoration technicians get to work building this soon to be highly desirable and useable 70's grand tourer.


The specification | Part 2

 With the rebuild steaming forward, all major engine auxiliaries are installed, alongside the steering and suspension (front and back), now boasting its fully rebuilt and uprated IRS. With these components present the rebuilt 5.3L V12 and uprated transmission is installed, further progressing the build for the installation of electronic fuel injection (EFI). Using a trusted and reliable set-up, alongside a fully bespoke E-Type UK loom, the EFI system is built up, seeing the removal of the period Stromberg carburettors and modified airboxes. Notoriously difficult to tune and suffering from fuel evaporation, the V12 greatly benefits from our EFI system, upgrading and leveraging a modern ECU to relieve these issues. Running off modern coil packs and an ECU programmed for a Jaguar V12 E-type, the system ensures greater reliability and less tuning than the factory original set up while bringing the V12 engine up to the level it was tended to be at.


Following the completion of the mechanical rebuild, with the fully rebuilt V12, uprated 5-speed gearbox, big bore 12 branch exhaust system, larger radiator and much more, the E-type is a running and rolling shell. With some final exterior touches such as brightwork build, as well as fine-tuning the running of the car, the E-type is firstly subjected to a full interior retrim, with a stunning all-black interior. With all need hides, carpets, headliner, this 2+2 is given an exceptionally finished driving position and atmosphere. With the finish line around the corner, the team make the final touches prior to the customers delivery date.

Done and Dusted

Fitted with all new brightwork, featuring original re-chromed bumpers, new handles, finishers, headlight chromes and much, this Series 3 is COMPLETE! Arriving looking a little worse for wear with further hidden horrors hidden underneath the paint, this V12 classic has undergone an extensive restoration to create a highly useable, max performance British icon with greater reliability, allowing this beast to continue to undertake those continental tours the customer has planned.


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