The Cambodian Commission

The Cambodian Commission

Catering to all types of restoration commissions, this Cambodian client dreams of owning a highly useable and reliable 1960s classic. With a specification agreed upon and budgets set, the donor roadster arrives at our facility, ready to be built to the client's exact specifications.

  • Full matching numbers example.
  • Originally delivered to New York, finished in Opalescent Silver Blue over Red trim.
  • The pursuit of performance and reliability.
  • Commissioned to build a 'daily driver' packaged into a 60's body.
  • To be fitted with a fast road engine, 5-speed gearbox and AC.

Everything must go

With the customer's dream specification agreed upon, our technicians begin to fully strip the chassis, cataloguing all parts and preparing the car for media blasting. 

  • All interior is removed, revealing previous and believed to be original body colour of Opalescent Silver Blue.
  • Removing the engine bay and interior components highlights past restoration work.
  • Original 4.2L straight-six is removed and stored ready to be rebuilt too fast road specification.
  • IRS is removed, noted in dire condition with excessive overspray across it.
  • Once stripped, the level of corrosion begins to show itself. More will come to light once blasted.

the road ahead

Returning from being media blasted the E-type reveals its true self. While initially there were some signs of past restoration work, the E-type shows rot and corrosion on nearly every body panel. Using professional and trusted industry suppliers, remanufacturer body panels are ordered to be fabricated and fitted. Required panels include:

  • Engine frames
  • Complete floor plan
  • Inner & outer sills
  • Complete rear bulkhead
  • Complete Boot floor plan¬†
  • N/S & O/S inner and outer wings
  • The list goes on...

Metalwork Begins

The team remove all unsalvagable panels, leaving the front bulkhead, lower gearbox tunnel and N/S / O/S kick panels. With the arrival of the new body panels, the metalwork team begins trial fitting the panels and making adjustments to ensure all panels meet and match. The E-type shell will be moved to the alignment jig before metalwork can commence ensuring correct square fitment.

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