Specialist Jaguar Bodyshop

At E-Type UK, we pride ourselves on our well-equipped Jaguar E-Type facility. With its purpose-built, state-of-the-art bodyshop, our specialist workshop and restoration centre is designed to provide every possible solution that your E-Type could require.

Our metalwork area is both sound and fire-proof, fitted with a bespoke filler and finishing area with high-intensity lighting to ensure that even the smallest detail is attended to. Combined with our new, state-of-the-art, Todd Engineering Poseidon paint booth, you can be certain that your Jaguar E-Type will leave our bodyshop looking its best. 

Our high-performance Poseidon paint booth

Our brand new paint booth uses cutting edge technology to achieve rapid and efficient processing times and offers an immaculate paintwork finish for your E-Type that can be specifically tailored to your exact requirements.

The fully filtered floor area, with its downdraught design, input air plenum and innovative spray cycle provide flawless extraction and heat dispersion. Paired with the LED lighting, which provides ideal illumination levels while reducing glare and shadowing, as well as the impeccable construction of the paint booth, ensures that our mixing room delivers a perfect finish every time.

Our experienced bodywork services

Like all of our services, we take great care to ensure that the bodywork service we carry out for our clients on their Jaguar E-Type is faultless and precise. Not only are we renowned as an E-Type specialist, but we are also passionate about authenticity and respecting the legendary bodywork of the E-Type

That’s why we ensure that we follow the original repair methods and techniques of the Jaguar E-Type, with all our replacement shell and body parts being manufactured to match the original specifications. Where possible, we strive to make only minor corrections or alterations to your E-Type’s existing bodywork and paint to protect the charm and legacy of the iconic model.

Our Full Bodyshop Services

At our specialist jaguar bodyshop, we provide a wide range of services including:

  • Extensive E-Type bodywork re-painting and detailing
  • Paintwork featuring original Jaguar E-Type factory colours and finishes
  • Bodywork repairs that adhere only to original Jaguar repair methods and techniques
  • Providing replacement shell and body parts that are manufactured to original Jaguar specifications
  • Carrying out minor corrections or alterations to existing E-Type bodywork and paint

Combined with our team’s excellent expertise and considerable knowledge of all things E-Type, our bodyshop services ensure that you experience only the finest E-Type services available – whether it be bodywork, repairs or paintwork solutions.

At E-Type UK, we also offer bespoke services and as such we encourage all of our clients to walk us through a tailored brief of what they envision for their E-Type

If you are an E-Type owner or considering purchasing a Jaguar E-Type, and are looking for professional E-Type bodywork services, then please get in touch with our bodyshop to discuss your requirements with our friendly and experienced team today.

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