Cooling Upgrades

Performance COOLING Packages

As temperatures have risen and the number of cars on the road since the 1960s has increased, the cooling hardware fitted to the Series 1, 2 and 3 E-types has been tested to the limit.

Early E-types were fitted with an aluminium Marston radiator, which is traditionally fitted with a single blade fan. It was until the later Jaguar E-type’s that Copper / Brass was used.

A common misconception is that to improve cooling efficiency, the best way to achieve this is to fit an aluminium system, although this isn’t the full picture.

In order to achieve greater cooling efficiency, there are a number of areas which can be improved or upgraded and understanding our client’s requirements and desired upgrades into the future is critical to correctly advising the best route forwards

We have worked to recreate the original design of a number of cooling hardware components in aluminium with high flow features. Tested in extreme climates and race conditions these products have proven to be highly reliable. Particular attention should be paid to cooling when combining with other E-Type UK developed upgrades such as fuel injection and/or air conditioning.

Radiators, fans and header tanks should be coupled with the amends to wiring, hoses and thermostat to name just a few areas. E-Type UK fully understands the Jaguar E-type cooling system and how to best achieve optimal efficiency without placing strain elsewhere.

PLEASE NOTE, E-Type UK only offers its Cooling packages exclusively to our clients as a fitted option.

Should you wish to discuss the cooling options for your Jaguar E-type, please either call the office on 01732 852 762 or email Marcus on


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