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At E-Type UK, we are really proud to support our clients and represent the business at a range of events and races. We’re also keen to share the latest industry news with you all. From updates about the marketplace, to tips about how best to look after your E-Type through our E-Type TV videos; we’ve got you covered.

In our news and events section you will find all of the above, as well as information about the business itself. Take a look through our updates and posts below to make sure that you don’t miss out. We also regularly shine a spotlight on our showroom, showcasing some of our recent E-Type restorations, so you can get an insight into exactly how we work. Learn more about classic car restorations in general, and take a look at the quality of our E-Type upgrades for yourself to find out more about our service.

If you have any questions, whether about our service or a specific query relating to your E-Type, please feel free to contact us. Our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to help. 

  • Mr Jaguar | Who was Sir William Lyons?

    January 11th 2021

    Who is Mr Jaguar? The man behind one of Britians greatest motor company...Sir William Lyons. E-Type UK enlightens you on the man behind the legend.

  • A Year In Review

    December 21st 2020

    We’re fast approaching our 5th anniversary as owners of E-Type UK and while we have loved every second of the journey 2020 has been the most challenging time yet.

  • E-Type UK 2020 Seasonal Hours

    December 18th 2020

    With count down on to the big day, we'd like to take the opportunity to share our operating hours across this 2020 festive period.

  • Jaguar E-Type 60th Anniversary

    November 27th 2020

    bursting onto the scene in 1961 at the Geneva Motor Show, the classic Jaguar E-Type is about to arrive at its 60th anniversary. While most cars don’t celebrate their birthday, the E-Type is not your average car. Enthusiasts from all over the country - and beyond!

  • Celebrity E-Type Owners

    November 19th 2020

    Since its release in March 1961, the Jaguar E-Type has been adored by the general public and famous figures alike. We've pulled together a stars in their cars special.

  • Is a Jaguar E-Type the Right Classic Sports Car for You?

    November 13th 2020

    Are you looking for that next collection addition? Is the Jaguar E-type the right car for you? Dive into our latest article for the reasons why.

  • The History of Jaguar E-Type Racing

    November 6th 2020

    Jaguar E-type, the British accidental racer. E-type UK walk you through how the Jaguar E-type became a track icon, beating the likes of Ferrari and Aston Martin.

  • COVID-19 | National Lockdown 2.0

    November 5th 2020

    E-Type UK would like to inform you of our ongoing status during the newly announced second national COVID lockdown

  • Redesigning the Jaguar E-type with Frank Stephenson

    October 28th 2020

    Frank Stephenson joins E-type UK at our Kent based showroom to redesign an icon that started Frank's career.

  • Little Known Facts About the Jaguar E-Type

    October 16th 2020

    Little known facts you might have not known about one of 1960's automotive icons - Jaguar E-Type

  • Consumer Demand Surges Reports AutoTrader

    June 5th 2020

    A recent data report from Auto Trader’s Retail Price Index highlights consumer demand surges as forecourts and showrooms reopen across England...

  • Company Update | Showroom to reopen

    May 29th 2020

    In line with the Government COVID-19 Recovery Plan, we are pleased to announce the reopening of our Kent based showroom from the 1st of June...

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