As a business run by dedicated classic sports car enthusiasts with a passion for the industry, we love to keep up to date on all of the latest events, trends, and news
from within the world of classic automobiles. Providing the latest industry updates through articles, showcasing our latest inventory projects through our videos and
sharing our latest press and events.

  • Expanding The Team

    July 14th 2023

    E-Type UK are looking to grow our experienced team, offering an unmissable opportunity to grow your career.

  • Drive-It Day 2023 | Highlights

    April 25th 2023

    With 20 classic cars lined up ready to take a quick round trip starting from our joint Hadlow-based facility, Kent's automotive community soldiered on to celebrate the UK's classic car movement!

  • Snetterton Survivor | NEC Practical Classics Car Show

    March 28th 2023

    Preparing the Snetterton Survivor for the bright lights of the NEC Practical Classics Car Show, featured on the Jaguar Drivers Club stand March 2023.

  • V12 Install | Side Draft Fuel Injection System

    March 27th 2023

    Series 3 2+2 is fitted with its fully rebuilt 5.3L V12, treated with E-Type UK's bespoke side draft fuel injection system.

  • 2023 Debut | Petrol & Patter

    February 17th 2023

    Returning and with a shiny new name, we are pleased to release the Petrol & Patter event dates for 2023! Watch this space for further details.

  • Unleashed V12 Install

    January 12th 2023

    The first UK Unleashed bespoke build is fitted with its uprated beating heart - 400bhp 6.1L V12!

  • Driving Home For Christmas

    December 13th 2022

    From everyone here at E-Type UK, we'd like to wish you and your families a restful Christmas and a new year filled with happiness and health!

  • Classic Jaguar E-type ASMR

    November 1st 2022

    Enjoy a full brain massage with the iconic sounds of the Jaguar E-type 3.8 Coupe. The clicks, locks, taps and revs that we've all come to love.

  • Petrol with a Splash of Coffee

    September 28th 2022

    Kent's automotive community flocks to the farm with over 350 attendees and 60 + classic cars.

  • Coffee, Cakes & Classic Cars | September Smash

    September 28th 2022

    In the glorious sunshine, we saw over 350 guests and 60+ classics pitching up for another exciting morning with like-minded petrol heads.

  • Coffee, Cakes & Classic Cars | September Countdown

    September 13th 2022

    The count down begins for this September's Coffee, Cakes & Classic Cars event! With some new additions to the event, we wanted to update you on the upcoming festivities!

  • June Coffee Morning | Birds-Eye View

    July 13th 2022

    Coffee, Cakes and Classic Cars June coffee morning. A birds eye view of the stunning classics in attendance.

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