As a business run by dedicated classic sports car enthusiasts with a passion for the industry, we love to keep up to date on all of the latest events, trends, and news
from within the world of classic automobiles. Providing the latest industry updates through articles, showcasing our latest inventory projects through our videos and
sharing our latest press and events.

  • The Origins | Jaguar XK Engine

    July 1st 2022

    The origins of an British engine that became the beating heart for countless iconic machines in the automotive industry...

  • Coffee, Cakes & Classic Cars | September Meet

    June 30th 2022

    Hosting the 3rd 2022 instalment of this fan-favourite event, back with another coffee morning being held this September Saturday 24th...

  • Car Chat Podcast | The Art of Restoration

    June 20th 2022

    Marcus Holland joins host, Sam Moore, to talk about starting an E Type business and The Unleashed...

  • Coffee, Cakes & Classic Cars | Drive-It Day 2022

    April 4th 2022

    Coffee, Cakes & Classic Cars returns! Hosting our first 2022 event with a Kentish Drive-It Day round trip, supporting the UK classic car movement with an exciting Kentish jaunt...

  • Jaguar E-Type Buying Guide

    March 30th 2022

    When you're in the market for any car, there's so much to consider, thats why we have pulled together a handy buyers advice guide to buying a Jaguar E-type...

  • How to sell a classic car

    March 8th 2022

    If you're thinking "I want to sell my classic car", the information we've put together for you here is a valuable start - read more...

  • Snetterton Survivor Paintwork

    March 3rd 2022

    The Snetterton Survivor is finished in its original and exact factory colour - Opalescent Maroon.

  • Lightweight E-Types | What You Need to Know

    January 28th 2022

    Lightweight E-Type is a brilliant part of the legacy. It's exciting and special - a wonderful thing to be able to share. Find out more...

  • Why is the Jaguar E-Type so beautiful?

    January 19th 2022

    Answer the big question to why the Jaguar E-type is so beautiful, causing this classic to impact the industry for over 60 years...

  • Premium Classic Car Storage

    January 14th 2022

    Through our reliable storage services, you are can trust your classic car is being professionally cared for by like-minded automotive enthusiasts

  • Luxurious V12 Grunt

    January 13th 2022

    70's Series 3 2+2 heads under the knife for a full nut and bolt restoration, finishing this icon in a mouth-watering Opalescent Gunmetal...

  • 2021 at E-Type UK

    December 20th 2021

    2021 has been one the most exciting years we have had with the business, showcasing the skills and capabilities of the business in our newly launched bespoke building division, UNLEASHED.

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