E-Type Upgrades

If you’re looking for upgrades on your Jaguar E-Type, then we provide the perfect solution for your needs…

Our expert team is vastly experienced – with decades upon decades working with classic cars – and has a phenomenal amount of knowledge about Jaguar E-Types. We provide upgrades from the original manufacturer specifications that include fuel injection, braking systems and five-speed gearboxes amongst other upgrades – adding something extra to your E-Type while maintaining its personality and heritage.

Even so, we understand that while many enthusiasts want their cars restored to original specifications, this is not always practical for modern driving. Our E-Type upgrades allow you to own the perfect classic car, with more modern upgrades to provide you with the ultimate driving experience. We will work with you on all of the upgrades so that you still get the car you are looking for, perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you wish to upgrade several aspects of your E-Type or just a few, our team will ensure that your car is upgraded to the highest of standards.

Take a look at the range of excellent upgrades that we offer. If you have any questions about upgrades and how we can make your E-Type dream reality with bespoke upgrades, get in touch.

  • 5-Speed Gearbox

    Built from cast aerospace grade aluminium, using your existing bell housing, prop shaft, Speedo, Speedo cable and angle drive. The 5 speed gearbox fits exactly the same as your original 4 speed box.

  • Fuel Injection 6 Cylinder & V12

    E-Type UK specialises in V12 and XK fuel injection systems. Using original Jaguar XJS throttle bodies and manifolds on the V12 and newly designed manifolds and throttle bodies on the XK engine.

  • Braking System

    E-Type UK currenlty offer 2 upgrade packages, each package is designed to compliment the specification of your vehicle.

  • Full Suspension Upgrades

    Using our own E-Type UK demonstrator we have successfully developed our full suspension upgrade package.

  • Cooling Upgrades

    Using the original designs of radiator and header tanks we have recreated each item in Aluminium to provide the ultimate in cooling for your E-type.

  • Air Conditioning

    Replacing the heating box and using the original air ducts into the cabin, our Jaguar E-Type AC upgrade provides fresh cold air flow for a modern comfortable driving experience.

  • Alternator Kit

    Using our own E-Type UK in house auto electrician we offer starter motor, alternator and wiring upgrades.

  • Exhaust Systems

    We offer full exhaust systems to improve the power output and sound of both XK and V12 engined E-types.

  • Performance Air Filters (Series 1)

    The ITG performance air filter assembly provides the E-type with the ultimate engine air filter.

  • Electronic Ignition

    We recommend the removal of the original ignition system allowing you to upgrade to much more reliable and smooth electronic Ignition.

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