Here at E-Type UK, we are proud to be leaders in our field for exclusive and outstanding E-Type jaguar restoration. Our restoration department is run by a team of knowledgeable specialists who are dedicated to just one marque - the E-Type Jaguar - allowing our craftsmen to focus exclusively on the model executing their expert skills. We’re passionate about E-Type Jaguar restorations and it’s personal for us, because we love this car the same way that you do, and we pride ourselves on the consistent quality of work we deliver.

Every aspect of the E-Type Jaguar restoration process is dealt with by experts. Our team includes specialists in all areas of E-Type car manufacturing: traditional panel beaters, paint specialists, welding and body experts, coach trimmers, mechanical technicians and project managers. This means we can make any dream a reality - and we have! Thanks to the breadth and depth of our e-type experts, you can be confident that any custom jaguar restoration will be absolutely flawless when left in our hands. Our team of E-Type jaguar specialists is made up of the best and brightest, and their knowledge, experience and expertise ensure that every facet and every inch of each restoration is met with the highest quality and the most knowledgeable hands. You won’t find a better team!

Each E-Type car that passes through our hands is expertly managed at every stage of the production process. We know how much you value your vehicle, and we also know the value of your vehicle better than anyone - there’s nobody better who understands how important it is to keep it safe and treat it well. We ensure that your E-Type Jaguar is built and restored exactly to the exact specification required, whether that is the Jaguar factory original or the upgraded version that you need to meet the requirements of today’s roads. The scope for E-Type Jaguar custom restoration is an exciting and very real possibility that you can speak to our team about at any time.

As E-Type Jaguar Restorers, E-Type UK understands the importance of performance and reliability, and that’s why all our restorations must abide by what we call The Geneva Principle. Every car we build must be perfect enough to sit under the bright lights of that Geneva show stand, as well as fast and reliable to undertake a mad dash south  - LEARN MORE HERE

We love our work and we love these cars. Below you can find the current and past restoration E-type stories.



    E-Type UK are proud to have had Steve Soper as a client, over a period of 18 months we fully restored his Series 1 4.2 Jaguar E-Type Roadster...

  • Full Restoration of 1973 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 V12 OTS

    The E-Type UK restoration of this mighty Jaguar E-Type Series 3 V12 OTS has progressed extremely well since our last update. Launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961, E-type enjoyed a production life of thirteen years!

  • Series 1 4.2 Chassis no 1E 11856

    The car has been repatriated from California having being built as a left hand drive vehicle. E-Type UK have so far repaired and re painted this E-Type body shell as well as re building the rear suspension, front suspension, brake components and new brake pipes!

  • 1965 SERIES 1 4.2 OTS CHASSIS NO. 1E11107

    This E-Type will receive a full restoration by E-Type UK and will feature many E-Type UK upgrades including; fast road torsion bars and front roll bar, 5 speed gearbox, aluminium radiator and more!


    This E-Type S1 2+2 has been restored to a very high standard over a 2 year period and has been fitted with upgrades such as air conditioning. This E-Type is due to be shipped back to Gauna later this month.


    E-Type UK offer a bespoke option for our customers who wish to purchase a fully restored car. With build times from 12 months each car is built from a hand picked original Coventry car which has been selected as an ideal donor for a new bespoke E-Type.

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