E-Type U.K. is run by a team of specialists who are dedicated to just one marque, the E-Type Jaguar. We’re passionate about E-Type Jaguar Restorations and pride ourselves on the quality of work that is delivered.

Our team includes specialists in all areas of E-Type car manufacturing; traditional panel beaters, paint specialists, welding and body experts, coach trimmers, mechanical technicians and project managers; meaning we can make any dream into a reality.

Each E-Type car that we deal with is expertly managed at every stage of the production process. We ensure that your E-Type Jaguar is built to the exact specification required, whether this be Jaguar factory original or uprated to meet the requirements of today’s roads.

We believe that the best way to ensure that you’re happy with the finished product, is to work with you to determine how you want your restored E-Type to look and perform.

If you’d like certain modifications made to your E-Type during the restoration period then we’re able to offer you a bespoke option so that you can fully personalise your E-Type.

We would like to invite you to visit us here in Tonbridge and take a good look at how we are able to manage your restoration and turn your dream car into a reality. Get in contact with us today and you’ll soon see just what makes E-Type UK so special.

Below you can find the current and past restoration stories of each E-Type.


  • Coventry - New York - Nice - Kent

    Nice, South of France with an E-type, is there anything better out there? This restoration is to bring this E-type back to its former 1961 glory. Currently finished in cream as opposed to its original Opalescent Gunmetal Grey...

  • Blue E-Type For Blue Skies

    An Open Two Seater, British country roads, and the blue Spring skies. Exactly what our client was dreaming of when he decided to take on a 3.8 Litre E-type restoration project...

  • The Grey Grand-Tourer

    From US-spec Series 3 OTS to the perfect GT car – we tackle a neglected E-Type and give it a new lease of life… and colour!

  • Changing the View on the Series 2

    The Series 2 E-Type is most definitely seen as the ugly duckling of the E-Type family, this is no longer the case with this 1969 example, after going through an E-Type UK restoration!


    E-Type UK are proud to have had Steve Soper as a client, over a period of 18 months we fully restored his Series 1 4.2 Jaguar E-Type Roadster...

  • Full Restoration of 1973 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 V12 OTS

    The E-Type UK restoration of this mighty Jaguar E-Type Series 3 V12 OTS has progressed extremely well since our last update. Launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961, E-type enjoyed a production life of thirteen years!

  • Series 1 4.2 Chassis no 1E 11856

    The car has been repatriated from California having being built as a left hand drive vehicle. E-Type UK have so far repaired and re painted this E-Type body shell as well as re building the rear suspension, front suspension, brake components and new brake pipes!

  • 1965 SERIES 1 4.2 OTS CHASSIS NO. 1E11107

    This E-Type will receive a full restoration by E-Type UK and will feature many E-Type UK upgrades including; fast road torsion bars and front roll bar, 5 speed gearbox, aluminium radiator and more!


    This E-Type S1 2+2 has been restored to a very high standard over a 2 year period and has been fitted with upgrades such as air conditioning. This E-Type is due to be shipped back to Gauna later this month.


    E-Type UK offer a bespoke option for our customers who wish to purchase a fully restored car. With build times from 12 months each car is built from a hand picked original Coventry car which has been selected as an ideal donor for a new bespoke E-Type.

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